How long does accreditation last?

Safeguarding Children accreditation is a three year cycle that involves ongoing communication with staff, volunteers and service users. Each year, organisations are prompted to ensure that all new staff are trained about Safeguarding Children policies and procedures. There is also an expectation that organisations will use a standardised critical incident reporting mechanism in the event that a child or young person is identified as having been harmed.

Every twelve months, accredited organisations undertake a formal internal review by completing a shot survey. At the end of the third year, organisations undergo an audit against the Safeguarding Children standards. The audit is comprehensive and involves an examination of relevant organisational documentation and an analysis of the degree of understanding and commitment by staff and volunteers to continuing to adhere to the Safeguarding Children strategies. Re-accreditation enables organisations to use the Safeguarding Children stamp and remain.


Maintaining Accreditation